Some Thoughts on Tocqueville’s Comments on India |基於托克維爾論印度的若干個人思考

“India. A great position, from which England dominates all Asia. A glory which revives the entire English nation. What a sense of grandeur and power this possession creates in every part of that people. The value of a conquest ought not to be calculated only in terms of financial and commercial considerations……” Tocqueville on India.

Eminent liberals are invariably colonialists (or liberal interventionists): liberalism and colonialism — whether in classical Greece or modern Europe — rise and fall in synchrony. Not pure coincidence, for spontaneous orders are, after all, inherently expansive. Whilst liberal order in Europe manifests itself internally as constitutionalism, it germinates into colonialism externally.


Colonialism is not racism. Rather, it is a natural proliferation of the mechanism which begets liberal order. Never should colonialism end, until the torch of liberty is passed onto overseas (if not sub-civilisational) territories; and never should colonialists be deplored, unless — for material indulgence — they betray their liberal mandate. Those who oppose colonialism on any ground other than liberal values risk aiding and abetting illiberal orders.


Translated by Y | 譯員:Y