Let the Majic Begin

Greetings fellow amazing people! I am back on the blogging world! Time sure does move, but I have been making use of years of growth and it feels wonderful.

I believe in making an effort to grow and prosper ones’Self for its a life worth living!

I’m starting off at this time where I am embracing all my passions in the real world: so to speak.

If youve known me over the years you have probably seen me traveling, sharing varied topics, being passionate about bringing awareness to positive things as well as things I believe need to be taken notice of. Mostly, I’ve been on a quest of spiritual exploration, going in depth into discovering who I am and taking action on who I want to be. You may have wondered, what is she up to, or maybe forgotten about me by now, but here I Am! Embracing 10 years on going for the gold and this is my year.

Although my personal quest began in 2004, my career quest took off on January 1st, 2007. Since that moment I have not looked back in regards to my dreams and ambitions. I was fueled by something that experienced Vision and Vision is a beautiful thing. It is why I have made it my ambition to inspire such a Quest in others; because it is majical. I have come to believe in the mysterious and majical qualities of earth and our capabilities as alive human beings, so lets get to it! :) Such an exciting time to be alive.

I am truly thankful and honoured to have my journey, in the most humble way I can speak of, and the humble, gratefulness is only growing deeper as I explore wisdom and myself in this world.

I am far from complete in my Quest, but I am Very Well on my way and am here today, saying Thankyou. Thankyou, Thankyou. I am very happy to be on this journey together and I have found it useful over the years to learn what is of value to me and what makes me special, because it hasnt always been easy, and sometimes hurt comes into our path, I had things to deal with, evolve from, and ive still dealt with it at times recently….strange because I feel in such a strong place, yet the core of me keeps delving in various times to take me further into Who I Truly Am. I believe in you and I believe in myself. We are special, yet unified in our humanity.

Lets now prepare for the next phase of life as I am embracing Acting as a Career, something that has been on my mind since those early days of 2004. It has been a consistent thing I’ve believed I would do, I just had other things to take care of first; like researching insight into the heritage legacies of the world and beyond. Like becoming the centerpoint of myself so I am ready for all this life has to offer me; to experience it, and become it and radiate as I live, ‘from the highest place possible.’

And yes, I am continuing with my film project and writing; which has been in development for many years, and which I have always had the strong passion and drive to make things happen with ambition far reaching than my ability at the time. But here I am, today; ready, with a project for the making. It is part of my initial flow of ‘INTO UNDERSTANDING’, but it is also much deeper than anything I imagined at the beginning of my Quest. It is deep, powerful, far reaching into our minds and hearts; and the essence of who we are.

It is time to reconnect to the Source of what it means to be Alive. Afterall, life is best lived, when we ask the question; Why am I here? I am a testimony to having the zest for life and that curious moments with a pen, paper and ones most inquisitive thoughts can lead you on the path of your most precious dreams! Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall be answered. Science is teaching us about energy in motion, and that our thoughts have energy, so lets step ahead into the nowness of the future in realizing, our thoughts create our reality. We have the power, we are responsible, for the life we live in. So lets live wisely, intelligently, passionately and positively, optimistic about our potential as human beings! Fully Alive and vibrating as Who We Love To Be.

Thankyou for being with me, on this Majical Journey of an Ultimate Quest: Making sense of the world and our place in it ❤ :) JAL*LIVIN4LIFE