Hate thy neighbours

When they make your life worse. Love the rest. And team up with these in hating the first.

Unless you are filthy rich and can afford to have no neighbours, their mere existance will end up troubling you at some point.

Although late hours are their specialities, never underestimate dawn or nap time.

Some of them are inherently annoying. From day one. Others keep up apprearances until they eventually show their true colours. While others fluctuate due to the coming of age or mental issues of some of their members.

Contrary to how most people judge triumph in the outside world, families are the real loaded guns indoors. While it is commonly believed family units to be a great achievement, and single people and childless couples untrustworthy, this clear and very stupid distinction somehow blurs and eventually disappears once you have had enough neighbourhood experience.

Of course you may be extra lucky and just by chance grow up in a quiet building, and then carry on experiencing such bless throughout your happy life. Thanks to civilised kind hearted people like yourself and also great soundproofing. Never underestimate the power of soundproofing. Because even the nicest most loving family or couple or loner can have horrible explosive days.

But the exception that proves the rule is not the one which will potentially be ruining your life by affecting your sleep and your every waking hour. No. Consistency is required. A hard work of days in a row. Sometimes alternating with days of extreme silence, what makes the whole situation even worse, giving you false hopes while you live in fear. The calm before the storm.