Player’s log — Switcheroo!

I am on the line-up to play singles line 2 for my 4.5+ team. I have been in good form and feel fairly confident, knowing the players I might face and the conditions.

I show up for warm-up at the time and on the court specified by the captain. As usual, nobody else is there to warm up with! So, I hang out stretching for 10 minutes! Then start worrying that the match was probably cancelled and I missed the email, or worse, I am at the wrong facility! As I am searching for my cell phone to double-check, the non-playing and only managing captain shows up! She informs me that most people show up late because they prefer a short warm-up (which begs the question: why did you schedule it as you did?)

The good news is that I am at the correct place, the bad news is that I still do not have anyone to warm up with! After another 15 minutes, the other players start to trickle in.

The opponents show up too. It is a windy day, which makes it tricky; but I have enough spin and consistency to still feel ok about my chances, until the captain walks up to me to inform me that she has changed the line-up!

After noticing that the other team has a singles 5.0 player (a lefty!) present, she decided to stack!!! So, I end up being the sacrificial lamb killed at the altar of Team Tennis!

I still was OK thinking I would be in the lineup the following week, but NO. She decides to change that too! These are the days I try to remember why I even bother to play USTA Team Tennis? Any ideas?
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