Energy on 100

Early mornings, late nights and killer fatigue in between. This was my past life before AXIO—an earthly existence comprised of a fast-paced work environment, volunteering to help keep over 100 boys and girls active in sports and well all the added duties of being a mom. Despite my already exhaustive daily routine, I forced myself to fit in a few 30-minute high-intensity workouts throughout the week. Yes, I had to “force” myself to take care of myself. But not because I didn’t have the time to exercise; I didn’t have the energy. I was operating off of less than a quarter-tank of energy six days out of the week.

Now, I tried all the popular energy drinks and shots that promise to kick you into gear without the crash or carbs. At one point I even relied on these products as my sole-source of revitalization, even though the quick pick-me-ups left me feeling crummy a short time after. It wasn’t until I experienced a series of extremely erratic heartbeats brought on by my energy drink consumption did I realize that I needed to call it quits. My energy was on 500 and I was headed into overdrive, which was not a good thing.

The temporary burst of vitality in a bottle wasn’t worth the possibility of permanently damaging my body.

I was back to square one—sluggish and unable to focus. One day, I happened to share my need for a healthy energy boost with a friend. She went to her car and came back with two different samples of a new line of raw energy products called AXIO. One, she said, would give me the quick jolt of energy that I needed to get through a full day at the football field. The other would provide more long term benefits that would help me focus and manage my day better. She shared that both packets were made out of all-natural ingredients that would add some pep in my step without the jittery feeling I experienced with other energy products.

This may sound a bit dramatic, but that day changed my life. My physical energy and mental health improved almost instantly. “This raw energy stuff really works,” I told her. It was just what I needed to enhance my seven-hours of sleep every night.

For me, AXIO translates to optimal performance at a healthy level. Now, my early mornings and late nights encompass seamless multitasking, creative thought stimulation and increased physical activity.

I could not find this renewed drive to tackle everything that came my way in a cup of espresso or other products boasting increased energy without the so-called “crash.” I did however find it in AXIO: Energy Volt and AXIO: Endure Charged. My energy is on 100 right where it needs to be.

Get some AXIO in your life today and join me in feeling and performing better the all-natural way. Visit and look for AXIO in the product section.

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