A No-Spend Way to Encourage More Play

Making the ordinary stand out for your children

There is a lot of using what we have in this house at the moment and I’m sure you’re all feeling the same. With home education and three children in the house, we have an array of toys and craft supplies at our disposal.

But we’ve never had to ask so much of what we have before.

Usually, what we do have neatly fills in the gaps around weekly activities, family visits, appointments, trips to the park, supermarket outings, haircuts, swimming lessons, visits from friends, bike rides, wood walks and leisurely library afternoons. One full family life.

Mix it up

By combining different types of toys together, throwing in a scarf, or giving everything a theme, we get a little more mileage out of our children’s ordinary toys. This is a great way to engage your children in an activity fully, using what you have already and a little imagination.

Expand wooden block play

Create a new scene

My younger daughter recently got a new puzzle for her birthday. It’s a wonderful dollhouse scene and the first “big” puzzle she’s enjoyed putting together on her own. There wasn’t an elaborate set up involved here. We added some Duplo people when my daughters started chatting about the lives of the people in the house, after they had completed the picture.

Change your perspective

Our daughters create new art every day, often just with a piece of paper and colouring pencils. They love to colour.

Living, learning & working in the same space. Choosing simple changes that make a big difference. Practicing gratitude everyday. https://livelearntogether.co.uk

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