Get that sibling relationship off to a good start

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My eldest daughter was only 14 months old when we announced that we were pregnant with our second child. Young enough to have no idea what a newborn baby was. Old enough for lots of people to tell her she was going to be a big sister and what that entailed.

There’s a certain kind of rhetoric that comes with the role of big brother or sister. Strangers will tell your baby that being a big brother or sister is an “important job”. People in the supermarket who notice you are expecting another child will put on their squeaky voice…

A decade of colour, cost and convenience tells you a lot about family life

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Pasta wasn’t in my husbands vocabulary when we met. Anything you can put on pasta you can also put on bread, so why bother with the extra cooking time?

Fair to say then, that when it comes to pasta, my habits became our habits and that’s where our family food journey started; unimaginative student food.

Pasta twists with cheddar cheese and frozen sweetcorn
£1.90 ($2.46)

Throughout my student years, levelling up a pasta dinner meant swapping out pasta twists for spaghetti. Yes, literally changing the shape of the pasta. …

What it did right and why every home should have a copy

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Let’s talk natural health remedies for the uninitiated and unconvinced. Because that’s the category I fall into.

“You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? – Medicine.”

Tim Minchin

A scientist at heart, I’ve never wanted to invest time and energy in alternative medicines. I’ve always assumed that if something was in fact a solid remedy for an ailment, it would be common knowledge.

What am I doing recommending a natural remedy book to everyone I know?

In fact, it is because I am a woman who respects knowledge that I have hunted down a manageable…

Some share genes, others do not but every family member knows where the spare front door key is hidden

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For the first eight years of our relationship, my husband and I didn’t spend a Christmas together. We were young, our families lived in different cities and we are each the eldest siblings in large families of young children.

Navigating large families can be time-consuming.

When you’re the eldest sibling in a large family, your childhood life is somewhat extended. You keep going home for Christmas, you return for each and every birthday and send a card for all the firsts; first day of school, first exam results, first set of braces.

You do it because being family is to…

For all the on-demand Mama’s out there grappling with their choices

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Trust your instincts and find a way to change your feeding relationship so that you are comfortable again.

The WHO might recommend breastfeeding until your little one is two-years old, but in reality in the UK and the US, I think we can go ahead and call anything beyond the initial six-months, “extended breastfeeding.” I have been pregnant or breastfeeding, or both for six years now. As for the toddle part? I have three children who were all walking (and still feeding) by ten months. I have practiced on-demand…

Find the reason, find the joy

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Ever felt like the sum of all the things you didn’t like?

Sharing what I don’t want has always been easier than knowing what I do want. I don’t want to be a doctor. I don’t want to jump out of an airplane. I don’t want to have walls painted red in my space.

In life, there is space only to be a few things and room not to be a lot of things. It easy to rustle up an opinion of something when it’s in front of you. It’s reactive, emotive. You can see a red painted wall and…

The power of small voices and why we should listen

Author image of my daughter.

Children are tiny beings who find new ways to show us more of who they are every day. The sheer wonder in the way children communicate their needs and wants, from the moment they are born, is surpassed only by the magical moment that they begin to share our language.

Let there be no doubt; words make the whole parenting process simpler.

Parenting can feel a bit like a game of catch up sometimes. A series of hurdles to jump over; eating solid foods, potty-training, the first night away from home, their first school year. …

Or, what we do when life gets busy

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Last year, six weeks after we moved house, we welcomed our third child into the world. When he was six weeks old, we had a mains water pipe burst in our kitchen. It meant a lot of phone calls and not a lot of kitchen to live in.

Fortunately, he was a breastfeeding superstar and I didn’t have to juggle bottle feeds in a kitchen with no water or floor. I did, however, still have three children to accommodate at home and not a lot of time or energy for elaborate educational plans.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you plan…

Caithlin Palfrey

Living, learning & working in the same space. Choosing simple changes that make a big difference. Practicing gratitude everyday.

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