What is a startup and how to make money on it?

Startup is a great way to earn money both for its creator and investor. Usually startups gather young people who do not have enough financial resources to implement their ideas. Therefore, they need those people who can believe in them and help them to realize their plans into reality.

Investing in a startup company is very risky for investors. It is very important to carefully study the market and understand whether the idea of a startup will be in demand in the future.

By investing in the right startup, investor can increase the amount of his investment many times in a short period of time.
But how can an investor check all startups and interesting ideas? How can he choose a really interesting one and, most important, a safe project?

In order to answer these questions we have developed Monopoly project. Using Monopoly platform we will be able to solve the main problems of investors and provide them with the opportunity to:

✔invest in projects efficiently and safely;

✔monitor the appropriateness of use of funds within projects.

At the same time, startups also get a wide range of opportunities through the use of Monopoly platform:

✔raising funds in the project without large-scale investments in advertising and other costs;

✔project development and scaling.

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