Two Girls who want Dating to be a part of School Studies

While scanning through the awesome beams that you guys do, we came across a beam name that read rather interesting— Should Dating Techniques Be Taught In Schools?

Instantly we found ourselves tuned in. What followed was a very light-hearted, candid and endearing chat between the two hosts, Surod and Twinkle — who go by the name Shamaayal on #fame — and their viewers. It covered many interesting topics like how if there was a way people would understand what “dating” really meant, mistreatment of girl by boys and vice-versa, and also the chimerical concept of the “friend-zone”!

Here’s an excerpt of the beam:

Shamaayal Answer if Dating Techniques should be taught in School

When we got in touch with Shamaayal, they were forthcoming in saying that issues such as girls talking about dating, relationships and sex are rarely dealt with the candor that they need, especially when communicating with the youth.

We feel that it’s brave that these girls, who originally hail from Varanasi and Delhi, talk about such “taboo” topics, and that #fame is being a great and safe platform for these young and bold voices to not just be heard, but to engage with others in an open dialogue with a just simple beam.

What’s also interesting is that more one delves into #fame, more one realizes that a lot of people across India, city or small town, are finding an outlet on the app. It’s evident that the junta is looking at the app as a vlog medium, which obviously is more fluid and easier than writing a blog (Irony much?).

So what do you feel? Should dating be a part of school/college curriculum? Whatever the opinion, your voice has now found a safe haven. Just go ahead download #fame start beaming and, as we say, #BeamKaroFamePao!

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