LiveEngage Success Story: The Limited Sets a Trend with Messaging

What started as a single brick-and-mortar store is, today, a nearly 300-shop empire complete with a successful e-commerce store, Its clientele is mostly comprised of sophisticated working women who keep up with the latest style trends. The Limited speaks to the modern woman in many ways — featuring inspiring female leadership stories on its site and even collaborating on a line with the ultimate fictional woman in power, Scandal’s Olivia Pope.

The Challenge

To stay connected with this on-the-go audience, The Limited needed to extend its customer service reach across all digital assets. Online and mobile messaging provided an additional avenue to assist savvy customers when and where they need it.

The LivePerson Solution

In 2014, The Limited launched LiveEngage on its site, not only allowing customers to contact support in a more convenient fashion but also enabling The Limited to send proactive chat invitations to those deemed most in need of assistance by the platform’s predictive intelligent targeting.

LiveEngage identifies customers encountering problems in the purchase process and reach out in time with help. It also points out VIPs in the room and offer assistance to high-value shoppers. This gives the digital shopper the same level of service The Limited customers expect in store. Further, enabling mobile chat proved hugely successful with almost 20% of incoming interactions coming from a mobile device.

The Limited’s customer care professionals use LiveEngage to tailor each customer conversation through live dashboard data and analytics as well as geolocation information. LiveEngage enables multiple conversations at once and offers tools that makes the brand’s customer service more efficient.

“Customers that connect with us via online or mobile chat will convert at 25% as compared to self-service conversion rates, which are at 5.6%, which really demonstrates the value of adding a human touch to a digital shopping experience.”

With more than 7,900 conversations a month and 19.2% of them happening via mobile, The Limited saw a 20% uptick in conversions and a 25% increase in average order value from those who were assisted via LiveEngage ($133 compared to $106).

Customer Response

“You get what you pay for…in a good way. I brag about how great LivePerson is to partner with, because they’re there for us and are dedicated to helping us keep growing and improving with the product,” says Dawne Brooks, The Limited’s manager of e-commerce and client relations operations. “It’s a true partnership. LivePerson is always exploring ways for us to improve our performance and help our agents be the most successful they can be.”

What’s Next?

The Limited continues to be a fashion-forward company when it comes to technology. In the works is buy-anywhere functionality, which aims to launch the brand into the international sphere. Online engagement has proven such a successful channel for customer service that The Limited plans to increase the number of agents assigned to messaging and even go a step further with personal stylists at the customer’s beck and call.

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