Weekly update

1. A new version of the Kurento Media server has been released and installed. This will prevent the Media Server from crashing when clients don’t disconnect properly from the software, which was determined by a library called Libnice. This update increases the general stability of the project and the streams should not be disconnected from now on in no circumstances.

2. The new newsletter management service has been completed in development and testing is being currently made on the new implementation. This will prevent different email providers to mark the ip as a spammer in case of a large email campaign. The new system will deliver the highest possible rates of emails allowed in general / hour, in our case 20 emails / 15 minutes for the newsletter. The transactional emails that must be delivered right away will continue to work instantly through a SMTP relay.

3. Other improvements on the base platform have been made as well, that include some small bug fixes that improve the general stability of the platform and will be deployed soon.