The team behind JamaiCoin just announced they secured a one-off encouragement investment of a Carribean Venture Capitalist. While the coin is barely trading, the publicly available price seems to fluctuate around 0.5 dollarcent.

A press release will soon follow, but LiveTokenWatch saw a few details of the OTC trade. In exchange for $40,000 the VC will receive 2 million YAH tokens (effectively putting a pricetag of 2 cent per token), with the promise that the funds will be used to set up a strong marketing campaign to raise awareness for the token and all of the team members will continue their work on a voluntary basis.

The coin is currently tracked on CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap and can be traded on several DEXes, among which Bamboo Relay, McAfeeDex, SwitchDex, UniSwap, LogicDex and ForkDelta. It can also be bought directly with your credit card.

After the 2017 mania and the subsequent 2018 ‘altpocalypse’ you will not blame us for being quite fed up with the idea of yet another alt-coin. …

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