Seed: the token backed by a proven use case

Many token sales are based on ideas that have yet to come to fruition. Ideas that are not proven. Newly-formed businesses with no historical track record. Ones where there is no previous form to study.

LiveTree Seed is different.

Seed is the latest cutting-edge development that builds on what we have already been doing for two years. We have a tried-and-tested experience of funding creative projects, having launched a crowdfunding platform in summer 2016 for the film and TV industry. Since then, we captured 5% of the UK’s share of the $1bn entertainment crowdfunding market.

LiveTree ADEPT is our next-generation platform that builds on our experience with our successful existing business, and Seed is the token that fuels it. ADEPT is the world’s first end-to-end funding distribution platform for film and TV, making it part of a $500bn global market.

Over the last 2 years LiveTree we have also established several high-profile partners including Red Rock Entertainment, The British Film Institute, Film London and Screen Arts Institute, Hammer Films and 14,000 industry suppliers worldwide.

Here are some examples of some of the projects that we have helped to bring to life over the last two years.

To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You

British Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

A short film about a cleaner who works in a hotel near an airport. Wendy is socially inept, has one working eye, speaks several languages and is horribly in love with her duty-manager Sidd. Meanwhile, Sidd is tremendously in love with Wendy. He defends her, he fights for her and he yearns for nothing more than to be able to touch her shoulder and not be shooed away. To Wendy Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You is a strange romance about two strange souls trying to connect in a mid-range hotel near an airport.

Initially the project was awarded £3,500 by Film London to make a short film. Needing to raise another £10,000 they turned to LiveTree for reward based crowdfunding. Ultimately, with 124 backers pledging over £14,000 they smashed their target and easily met their production costs. The film premiered at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2017.

The projected donated 2% of the raised funds to Action Breaks Silence, a UK charity established to create a world where women and girls can live their lives free from fear of sexual or gender-based violence.

LiveTree was very hands-on with their support, ideas and suggestions. For someone a crowdfunding a film for the first time this was very helpful.” — Dan Castella, director


Songbird is a short fantasy drama. A fairy tale. Fairy tales have long been a way to process and deal with reality, seen as metaphors or morality tales. With Songbird the writers have taken this one step further, as magic enters the real world, prompting a shy young singer to deal with her insecurities. She has to find her voice in more ways than one. Jennifer (Janet Devlin, who rose to fame as a singer/songwriter after appearing on ITV’s The X Factor) is our songbird, and she must journey to regain her voice, stolen by an ancient creature known only as The Collector…

In the 2016, Triskelle Pictures had run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to shoot the film but needed additional funds for top-notch post-production, to enter the film into more festivals and to hire a ‘festival doctor’ to increase the film’s chances of being accepted. The team hoped to raise £3000 but smashed their goal and managed to get £4274 from 81 backers. Charity Film London received 5% of the total funds raised. The film is currently undergoing the final touches.

Early Days

Early Days is a short drama about a new mother, Kate (played by Maimie McCoy). In the days following her return from hospital, she’s rocked by finding her world altered beyond recognition as post-natal trauma and hallucinations make the world increasingly hard to bear. Her partner Steve, (played by Adrian Bower), is aware of her precarious mental state — but his delight at their newborn makes it hard for them to connect.

Seeking to raise £12,000 to pay crew, actors, equipment and post production the campaign raised £12,592 from 198 backers (with 5% of the funds going to charity Film London). With a predominantly female crew — many of them new mums — their campaign highlighted the lack of female representation in front and behind the camera and put a focus on the subject of post-natal depression.

The film was completed in January 2018 and is currently in the festival submission stage.

‘LiveTree were so useful in helping us set up our crowdfunding page for ‘Early Days’. Having never crowdfunded before we were going in blind, but both Lennard and Ashley were there for us every step of the way. Helping us create a page that would stand out and get noticed but also giving the right amount of information for your target audience to show interest in your project. We listened to everything they said which in turn helped us make a successful crowdfunding page and enabled us to get full target funding.Thank you!” Clancie Brennan — Producer

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