She is everything I could possibly ask for and more.

She is the very thing I seem to forget.

She is the gift that keeps on giving, the middle of my core.

She is the one person who understands.

The one who forgives.

She is grace embodied, strength within.

She is a gift from God.

The God whom I love.

The one who set me free.

I cant think of you without me.

I’m sorry for any pain, or residue, or loss.

I’m sorry for anxiety, and the coldness of frost.

But, if I could promise one thing.

It’d be freedom shall ring

In your heart and mind today

And forever, no matter the fray.

I’ll promise to love you in the night.

I’ll promise to love you in the day.

You are the love personified, a gift from Christ.

I can only measure my willingness by the strife.

I can only measure the greatness of this and that.

I’m not sure why the devil tries so hard.

He’s sure to fall harder than the mat.

This I know for sure.

You are as sure as the promises of God.

You are the greatest one of all.

I will spend my days, freeing you, to be the very thing.

You wish to be.

I promise you + me will conquer everything.

That gets in our way.

I promise you we will set many free along the way.

I can only pay.

What I can see.

The truth is

You were always the one for me.