Are You Health Conscious?

Live Your Life
Sep 4 · 2 min read

In general, people would say, “I am very diet conscious” or “I do exercise for an hour “. Some may ask you, “Hey, you put on weight” after that you would start thinking about diet or exercises. But the most relevant question is “Are You Healthy?”.

Health Conscious is a triangle bond between diet, physical activity, and mind. Just because you are diet conscious, eating a salad without enjoying it is meaningless. Same way, if you do any physical activity without interest will not make you fit and energetic. Some would be very smart and say, “I do a lot of walking during Home to Workplace transit”. But it is not a physical activity, in reality, it is a stressful and hurry activity to catch the transportation.

To be physically active, speak to your father because he is the one who keeps you active in your early stage. To be diet conscious, ask your Mother because she is the one who nurtured you from childhood with nutritious and healthy food. To be mentally fit, ask within yourselves the course of action which makes you happy.

People who are working on desktop-based jobs are very much prone to back and neck pain. Most of the working people, in particular, married people don’t find time to spend time for themselves to be healthy. If they play outdoor games, that is the best physical activity. In special, outdoor activities with children keeps your body and mind fit and relaxed. In most of the Organization, they do arrange floor exercises but how many do it wholeheartedly is a question mark.

Creating a bond between these three is not that much tough. Minimal planning and strict adherence to it would be sufficient for better and healthy living. Just interrogate yourself, “Are You Diet-Conscious?”, “Are You fitness freak?” or “Are You Health Conscious?”.