The Fight for Free Speech

Berkeley, California: 1964

Freedom of speech is under siege in the west, and has cratered in the care of recent generations. The public has become afraid to challenge the SJW narrative, creating a potent network of self-censorship. This restriction on speech has not been state enforced, at least not in the United States. Instead, the regressive left has employed far more cunning techniques to shut down opposition.

Human beings are social animals, and group shunning is a real and terrifying threat. For most of our history, if an individual went against the social structure, they had little hope of feeding themselves or producing offspring. With the rise of civilization and larger social groups, these consequences became diminished. However, the genetic triggers remain. When we are shamed by large groups of people, they provoke deeply ingrained survival instincts.

The SJW left has learned to use this biological trick to restrict free speech. By being the loudest voice in the room, they have created the illusion of social consensus. They convinced the public that political correctness is the new normal. For years, they have fired and humiliated those who speak out against their ideology. People are genuinely afraid to voice their opinions. Make no mistake, this is totalitarianism. It may seem peaceful, but the SJWs are more than happy to use violence against their opponents. They will riot, destroy property, and physically attack people they disagree with. Many countries have imposed “hate speech” laws, making undesirable opinions outright illegal.

Berkeley, California: 2017

In society, the side that is most committed to its beliefs will win. The social justice warriors are strong-willed and firm in their principles. We must match and exceed that resolution if we want to protect the rights our ancestors fought and died for. We must commit fully to the pillar of free expression. When freedom of speech is not exercised, it is easy to take away. By practicing our liberties we may renew and strengthen them.

Whatever your opinions, do not shy from politically incorrect topics. We need to debate each other, openly and publicly. Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, we all benefit from open and honest conversations. There is no other way to heal the division and hatred that has spread throughout our country.

We have to speak, because the only alternative is violence. When we no longer talk with one another, our differences will be decided with guns. So speak. For God’s sake, speak.

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