LivesToken(LVT) Private Placement Starts Now! Special DISCOUNTS

Maxthon Browser backed Super Cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT)’s Private Placement Now Begins!

***Imagine that you can easily earn cryptocurrency by simply using Internet applications like Maxthon Browser***

Important Notice:
In response to the national regulatory policy in China, the Symbiosism Chain & LivesToken(LVT) project will no longer be carried out ICO, and the follow-up development funds will be provided by the major investor Maxthon Browser. But as we have promised before in the thread in, we are now initiating the private placement of LivesToken. Only a small proportion of the tokens will be sold during the private placement process.

The private placement rules are as follows:
Basic pricing: 1ETH = 7000LVT,
The total price will be 5 percent off if you purchase above 20ETH to 50ETH, 1ETH=7368 LVT;
The total price will be 15 percent off if you purchase above 50ETH to 100ETH, 1ETH= 8235 LVT;
The total price will be 25 percent off if you purchase above 100ETH to 500ETH, 1ETH= 9333 LVT;
The private placement threshold is no less than 20ETH, and should also be not more than 500ETH.

Private placement reservation entrance:

Official Website is here(V1.0):

Read detailed introduction in this previous thread:
Feel free to invite your friends and families to join the private placement. Also don’t forget to join our official Telegram group ( to learn more about the project and discuss with other investors!

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