The Start Of My Journey Towards a Simpler Better Life

Out of clutter, find simplicity” — Albert Einstein

I have decided to share my journey to simplify my life and make space — literally and figuratively — for purpose, meaning, and more intense connections with others. Along the way, I expect this quest for simplicity and lightness will lead to unchartered paths and discoveries, joys and frustrations, and stories to tell, share or listen to.

I look back at my life, year after year, school, college, activities, jobs, travels, homes, getting married, the arrival of kids, and my friends and family spreading several countries and generations…Those years and moments cover half a century, over 100 countries, and fill numerous on line and off line repositories, cupboards, boxes, objects, travel trophies, google drives, photo directories, play lists, you tube channels, piles and piles of books, journals, letters, papers, birthday cards, children drawings, the story of my life, my other half Laurent, my kids Thomas and Alice, and my family and my friends.

Like a trail of all those places where I have lived, worked and travelled, I carry on my devices my ever growing collection of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, my profiles, memberships, subscriptions to multiple apps and sites…Surely, having easy access to online information as well as the ability to have my spaces in the cloud should make things simpler and help me in my quest for lightness. But does it, really? I have many apps on my phone I have used only once or twice…I have so many photos that I look at very rarely. I have an incredible collection of books in French and English but yet struggle to find the one book I just want to look at that specific moment…

Yes, 50 years into my life, I am surrounded by an ever sprawling clutter, online and offline, and with one click I can add to it an infinite selection of objects and goods, delivered to my door increasingly in nearly real time…And week after week the boxes and other deliveries pile up, from small school supplies to paper towels, easy last minute Christmas and birthday presents, to food and household items…

So here I am…about to embark on my quest to simplify, make space, and declutter my life. “LiveSimplerBetter” will document my journey. I will share my thoughts and discoveries on, and “LiveSimplerBetter” will be my travel journal and companion. Along the way, I hope others will connect, join me and share their experiences. My goal is to create a collective of contributors to “LiveSimplerBetter”.

I cannot wait to get started!


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