How to cope with a bad day

Today was a bad day. Bad days are weird, I think we let them be bad. A little thing might give us the impression of a whole day being a bad one, or maybe a few little things or a really bad one actually happened and it was a catastrophic day, week, month, year… Today I’ll just write about the little stuff.

  1. Don’t suck all the bad energy around you. I don’t know about you, but I tend to absorb a lot from the people/environment I find myself at. And this can be really hard at times. Today I decided to start wearing an “armour”, if my mind can handle the situation maybe I need some extra help. I’ll write another post telling the result of that one.
  2. One bad thing happened, now breath, smile and get one with your day. Good things will happen from now on. Don’t get stuck on that one single happening.
  3. Think about all the people actually having a real bad day. Yeah, your life looks pretty good now, right?
  4. Try contacting a friend. Try meeting them for lunch, have a nice talk on the phone or even just a message, it will bring a smile to your face.
  5. If possible take a break and do something you like. Go for a nice walk, listen to music and dance, read a book, but no social media, ok?
  6. Cook yourself a nice meal. Comfort food, we all know this one well.
  7. Let yourself cry. you will feel so much better after.
  8. Exercise. Hello, endorphins?
  9. Talk to someone you love (family, friend, loved one) about it.
  10. And remember, tomorrow will be a good day!

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