Would You Like Truffle Fries With That?

~The other side of the table

Every Sunday night I have my weekly waitressing shift at the Aquitaine Restaurant in Chestnut Hill. A lot goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant in order to meet the needs of every customer, while maintaining the sanity of all employees at the same time. Plates shatter, food get overcooked, and sometimes the waitstaff even gets into it a little when it gets a little too hot in the kitchen. But at the end of the day everyone involved works together in order to create another night of happy customers. I have been working in the restaurant industry since I was 15 and have learned many tricks of the trade throughout my time as a waitress. Every afternoon when the staff arrives each person has their own duties to set up for the evening and get ready for service. Coffee is brewed, linens are folded, and tables are set. Being behind it all for so many years, I have learned that there is way more than meets the eye when you head out with your friends for dinner. I hope by the end of this post you will be able to picture what actually happens after you sit down and order your steak frites. An inside look at your local French bistro:

Perhaps not the most appealing exterior (located in a Newton suburb strip mall), but the glorious french cuisine and smiling faces await inside this little Parisian bistro!
First thing on the list of preparations is to suit up! Here a coworker of mine is pictured sporting her Aquitaine vest. So chic!
Next step is to make sure you have all your essentials. Each server notes all the specials for the evening down in his/her receipt book and collects any special instructions for parties from the manager. Wine keys are a must at this Vin Bar.
Here is the entire Aquitaine dining hall as seen from the very back of the restaurant. A small, but quaint cafe.
This is the main section of the dining hall where the first customers of the night are enjoying their appetizers. Bon Appetit!
A popular first course: the Belgian Endive Salad. It is important to note that this salad contains potential allergens, a server must always take precautions or else the customers could get nutty!
Next up, the main course! All of your sizzling favorites are being cooked to perfection behind the line in the kitchen. Each server lines up in order to grab and go.
Here is one of the best chefs in the biz! Paying careful attention to every parcel for the finished product to look just right.
Voila! Les Steak Frites. This lovely close up shows the beautiful texture of each bite. A traditional French dish shared by many at the height of their dining experience and one of my own personal favorites.
And last to taste by tonights guests is Aquitaine’s infamous profiteroles. There’s no hiding the deliciousness of these little wonders, even if our talented dessert chef wishes to remain anonymous.
When that last costumer leaves (hallelujah) the staff calls it a wrap, puts all the chairs up, and heads out with their hard earned cash.
Until next week Aquitaine!

— LivinMarge