The Guide for Perfect hair Cut

Rules for men hairstyles out this season that varies from excluded hair styles to the Brad Pitt’s hairdo of shoulder length. These various styles are making style statement or fashion statement whether they are short, natural or stylish. Men should carry styles depending upon their face cuts.

Square face shape

1) Face characterized with square sections with wide jaw and straight sides.

2) Sharp, tight, masculine and short haircut works well with this face type.

3) Recommended haircuts — Slicked back side, faux hawk, Undercut, crew cut.

4) Jawline is the perfect feature of square shaped face, which reflects face angular and chiseled in looks. Square face men can also try wide variety of styles and looks.

Oval Face Shape

1) Face with wide forehead and rounded jaw & chin.

2) Due to balanced proportions, this face allows variety of styles of different length and shapes.

3) Recommended Haircuts for oval face shape are — Undercut, Fringe up, Side parted short, and Pushed back long.

4) So the men with oval shape faces can pull off sunglasses of any style and also have the freedom to carry any hair style. But they must ensure that they should avoid full length hairs.

Round Face Shape

1) This face is almost as wide as tall reflecting rounder portions.

2) Choose hairstyles having bit of length of hairs that can add volume and height to your face.

3) Recommended haircuts for round Face Shape — Quiff and Fringe up, faux hauks having shorter sides, undercut.

4) Round face has no cuts on the face so it’s important to select a style that can add volume and height. Add volume to avoid face appearing too much round.

Diamond Face Shape

1) Diamond shape faces have narrow forehead and chin but noticeable cheekbones.

2) Long hairs are best for the diamond shape face. You can add volume to your hair cut with the help of fringes.

3) Recommended hairstyles — Side fringe, Quiff, Long hair pushed back, Faux hawk.

4) Changing hairstyle can be difficult for you as some length of hairs can soften outline of the face.

Avoid too sharp edges as it’ll stick out the ears.

Triangular Face Shape

1) Triangular faces have broad jaw and narrow forehead.

2) Prefer hair styles that add width and volume to the forehead.

3) Recommended haircuts for Triangular faces are — Side bangs or fringes, Side parted and fringe up

Heart Face Shape

1) The faces of heart shape are broad from the forehead and chin like narrow pointed.

2) Long hairs are preferable for heart shape faces.

3) Recommended styles- Undercut, Long fringes, Side parted Long, Pushed back.

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