Honor Codes: But Only When Convenient

Don Bacon, retired Brigadier General and Congressional candidate for the 2nd District of Nebraska, believes in an “Honor Code.” He will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate anyone who does.

He will not tolerate anyone who lies. cheats. steals.

I would like to introduce you to Donald J. Trump. You may have heard of him. He’s crass, bombastic, insensitive, xenophobic, arrogant, pompous, ignorant (see more here), and he wants to be our next president. Some would call him a liar. Some would call him a cheat. Some would call him a thief. And Don Bacon supports him.

Bacon says he disagrees with some of the things Trump says, namely his comments about Carly Fiorina’s face and positive praise of Vladimir Putin. But he is silent on most of the things Donald Trump has said.

So I have a few questions for the retired general:

  1. Do you also believe that our generals don’t know much because they aren’t winning?
  2. Do you believe Mexico is sending us people that have lots of problems, who are bringing drugs, who are rapists? (But maybe some of them are good.)
  3. Do you believe someone’s heritage disqualifies them from being fair and impartial practitioners of the law?
  4. How about using his charity to settle legal disputes?
  5. Should we ban all Muslims from entering our country?
  6. Do you agree with Trump when he says he wants to be unpredictable with our nuclear weapons?
  7. Did Trump make sacrifices that are equivalent to those made by the 10 families you visited when their loved ones were killed?
  8. Should women face further punishment for getting an abortion?
  9. Do you agree that Sen. John McCain shouldn’t be respected and honored because he was captured and war heroes don’t get captured?
  10. Do you believe free trade is terrible?
  11. Do you support Trump’s tax plan which would cost the middle class while padding the pockets of the wealthy?

Donald Bacon is too afraid to stand up to his own party and denounce the vile rhetoric espoused by the GOP presidential nominee. I wish Bacon was alone in his support of Donald Trump, but sadly he has company. A shocking number of Nebraska Republican officials refuse to speak out against Trump.

Regardless of party affiliation, anyone with a sense of self-respect should be embarrassed by our elected officials.