Exterior Stairlifts Provide Valuable Assistance for Mobility Impaired Individuals

Exterior stairlifts are an excellent option for homes with decks or second floor entrances. It helps to access the garden area and other parts outside the building. These outdoor stairlifts are a safe and comfortable way to access and enjoy your home completely. They are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and help disabled and older people who have difficulty in getting around. This stairlift can be installed to an outdoor flight of stairs that makes climbing up and down the outdoor steps easier.

Easy Mobility with Exterior Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are similar to residential indoor stairlifts except that they are installed outdoors. The main distinguishing factor is that outdoor stairlifts have a greater level of weather proofing as well as a reliable means of protecting the chair or platform and the drive assembly from inclement weather. They are provided with a comfortable cushioned seat, back and armrests and are mounted on the top of an electric motor and drive assembly. The stairlift moves along a fixed rail that is usually fixed to one extreme side of the step risers. This keeps it out of the way of other people who need to use the steps. The stair lift can be operated with a simple lever mounted on one of the armrests. There are positions for “up,” “down,” and “stop.” Users can sit on the chair and use the lever to go up or down the stairs safely.

Where Can Exterior Stairlifts Be Installed?

>>At the entrance of the house or any building where the entrance is higher than the sidewalk or front garden 
>>On the steps to access raised verandas or porches
>>In the garden where there are multiple terraces or levels 
>>On exterior staircases meant to be used as emergency escapes from the upper floors of buildings
>>In communal gardens or exclusive condo estates or country clubs
>>In the grounds of high class hotels where there are steps 
>> On the patio where there are different levels with steps connecting each level

An outdoor stair lift is a great option for people with limited mobility and allows them to access different parts of their property, which they may not otherwise be able to access. It is important to buy your exterior stairlift from a reliable dealer that offers customized products with quick installation and timely maintenance services.