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To express and receive love is true intimacy. Love and sexuality are part of a healthy relationship. Shame, fear and guilt can prevent people from having a healthy sense of sexuality; it can be restrictive and present a hindrance of love.

Sexual Difficulties amongst Couples

Pschosexual therapy helps both couples and individuals who face difficulties with sex and sexuality. People gain assurance and learn new ways to enjoy making love and experience a satisfying sex life sex therapy can transform difficulties. The therapy creates a safe space for you and your partner to explore the difficulties in your relationship and work towards you both have a satisfying sexual relationship.

Types of Sexual Issues

Sexual problems which arise physically may be due to disability or illness most frequently there are associated with psychological and emotional difficulties that cause distance in relationships. These can be overcome with relationship and psychosexual therapy. Psychological problems include loss of sexual arousal, difficulties with desire, general sexual problems, untimely or suppressed ejaculations, difficult intercourse, sexual phobias and other sexual problems. Psychosexual therapy can help you achieve increased pleasure, desire in a loving relationship.

Living from the heart helps couples and individuals resolve relationship and psychosexual issues using relationship counselling. The workshops, retreats and sessions are conducted to solve problems amongst couples to make their lives a happier one together. More over a number of clients from various walks of life seek Living from The hearts’ help to get their life into a better and happier place.

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Aisha Ali maintains a Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in the UK, London. She is a Humanistic integrative Psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist, supervisor. In her free time, she likes to spend writing articles and blogs on various therapy’s. To read more write-ups related to therapy’s visit http://www.livingfromtheheart.co.uk

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