Retreats are a Perfect choice which can help solve your Problems

Using western and eastern approaches to heal the Mind / Body and help you build strong relationships. Meditation therapy used by Living from The Heart is highly beneficial to many clients for a range of difficulties. The experts follow meditation techniques to overcome sadness, annoyance and other difficulties encountered in life. The Mind, soul and body is developed and balance is found in all relationships.

Workshops and Meetings

For couples and individuals tackling all aspects of relationships, living from the heart arranges for a number of retreats, workshops and consultations.

There are a number of therapies that are followed by experts in living from the heart. The retreats deal with themes around relating and relationships, including love, sex, intimacy, tolerance, communication, empathy and discovering balance. Living from the heart also conducts consultations which are powerful, couple intensives, and group therapy.

Benefiting from Retreats

Retreats can be attended as a single unit or also as a continued program for long lasting results. You will enhance your relationships and come to an understanding of each other. Attend these attend the workshops and retreats on your own or with a partner. There are a number of clients from all walks of life attend sessions and develop their relationships.

About the Author:

Aisha Ali maintains a Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in the UK, London. She is a Humanistic integrative Psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist, supervisor. In her free time, she likes to spend writing articles and blogs on various therapy’s. To read more write-ups related to therapy’s visit

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