We can all learn something about friendship and community as a radical political act.

I’ve just seen this video shared on Facebook:

I watched it and felt we all had something we could learn from these students. The act of radical friendship has never been more important. As POC, immigrants, refugees, muslims, women, LGBTQ+ folks, disabled folks and other marginalised groups are beginning to feel the increasing burden of fear, violence and prejudice, friendship and community as shown in this video seem to be of vital urgency, not just as a way of feeling better, but as a means of survival.

We all have to stretch our arms wider, our fists higher, our voices louder and our brains further in order to sustain the level abuse and the lack of justice many marginalised folks currently feel. We have to know not only that we will come through the challenges we face, but that when we emerge, exhausted and bewildered on the other side (I have to believe that there will be one), we will look down and see the fist of our allies, our accomplices and our communities gripping onto ours tighter than ever before.

I aspire to be more open, giving and generous with my words, in a way that this group of 13yo students, and their beautiful teacher have shown with such strength and grace. Imagine the ripples that a 10 second tidal wave of kindness, a surge of vocal solidarity, can make. I’d like to resolve to putting 10 seconds of fully conscious kindness into my friends lives every day going forward.

I KNOW it’s cheesy. But we’ve got a lot to learn.

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