Living Justice

Hello to anyone that will read this :) This will be my first blog ever on this site and i can say that I’m excited for all the possibilities that are in store for those who express their viewpoints. Like many writers and readers alike we all seek to be heard and understood by the people of the world. So here I throw my message in a bottle into the deep infinite spaces of the digital oceans of the Inter-webs.

My name is Living Justice and I am a 25 year old Colombian-American hip hop artist, writer, college student and wanderer of life. I dwell into the subjects of existence, philosophy, god, life, death, love, hard times, overcoming harmful addictions, and most importantly soulful sounds of positivism mixed with meaningful lyrical content. I consider myself an artist that thinks globally about life and it’s great unknown mysteries. I want to be someone who adds value to the world with my passion and love for the arts. I’ve been working hard this whole year on my newest free mix-tape project that is called “Eyes Of The World” It will be a 10 track studio quality project that will seek to promote my sound and song writing lyrical capacities with a good intention to be heard and criticized in order to expand my musical possibilities. I intent to connect with the people who like my music to build a movement of fresh soulful rhythmical vibes and release original music for all to hear.

Thank you if you read through all of that intro to what I’m trying to do with this.
More of who i am and my story will be coming soon. Here is how you can connect with me through the internet and where you can hear my music.

Twitter @ LivingJustice1

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