Living Lands Whitepaper 2.0

NFT Project.

Whitepaper version 2.0

1. Introduction /Background Problem / Polygon
2. Living Lands Mission, Key Principles
3. NFT Economics
4. Collection Information
5. Roadmap
6. Team


A Non-Fungible Token or NFT is a digital property representing valuable assets such as paintings, music, cartoon pictures, tweets, and even real estate. In other words, an NFT is the digital representation of an asset whose ownership and transactional information are recorded using blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are fungible tokens because if you trade one Bitcoin for another Bitcoin, you get the same thing. Non-Fungible Tokens, on the other hand, are non-interchangeable because every NFT is unique to the asset it represents and cannot be exchanged for another.

For example, an NFT that symbolizes a painting cannot be exchanged for another NFT representing a piece of land because they are two different assets.

It is important to note that an NFT is not the asset itself but the right to own it. In other words, an NFT is indisputable proof of ownership that is stored and transmitted on a blockchain ledger.

NFTs have become extremely popular, especially among young, tech-savvy investors. For instance, in March 2021, digital artist and designer Beeple sold his ‘Everyday: the First 5000 Days’ NFT collection for $69.3 million to make it the most expensive NFT artwork ever sold.

Other popular NFTs include those from the CryptoKitties and CryptoPunk NFT collections. CryptoPunk #7523, for instance, is worth $11.75 million. Another notable NFT is Save Thousands of Lives, created by NooraHealth to raise funds for new mothers and their babies in South Asia. It sold for $5.23 million.


There are two chief problems currently facing the NFT industry. First, the market has been overrun by a multitude of NFTs lacking real-world utility. Following the unprecedented success of NFT projects like the Crypto PUNKS and the Bored Ape Yacht Club, countless copycat projects have emerged trying to do the same.

As a result, a large number of the projects in the NFT industry today feature cartoons of animals (most especially apes). These projects are typically built around boring communities that offer paltry whitelists, occasional giveaways, and boring events every once in a while.

The industry’s second problem is that the Ethereum blockchain network, where most NFTs are built, can only process fifteen transactions per second. So, when there is a lot of activity on the network (like during NFT auctions), it quickly gets congested.

In the same vein, the gas fees (transaction costs) for trading NFTs on Ethereum are quite expensive and usually exacerbated during network congestion periods when they can rise well above $200.

Summarily, the sluggish speeds and the high cost of trading on the Ethereum blockchain network deter millions of people from participating in the NFT marketplace every day.


Polygon is an innovative decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that empowers developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without sacrificing security.

In other words, the Polygon network facilitates ultra-fast transaction speeds of up to 65,000 transactions per second and at cheap costs of between $0.1 and $0.5.

More than seven thousand dApps have leveraged the Polygon network to scale their performance since its launch in October 2017. Some of the top projects built on the network include:

SportX: a popular decentralized sports betting platform where players bet against themselves.

Zed Run is a game where players buy and sell NFT racehorses to prepare them for races.

EasyFi: a decentralized lending and borrowing platform that provides liquidity for a wide range of transactions at lightning speeds and low cost.

QuickSwap: is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens at cheap costs.


Living Land is a project on a mission to revolutionize the NFT space forever. It is the first project to offer NFTs that provide a secure and safe annual percentage yield.

We leverage high-return real estate investing and Bitcoin mining with advanced market tracking solutions to generate a desirable return on investment, creating a desirable yearly income for all our investors.

In other words, the Living lands project aims to provide all investors with a guaranteed stream of yearly income. Our investors will earn rewards in their favorite cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, MATIC.) and not some new token that may not be worth a cent in a year or two.

We anticipate that the NFT bubble created by the multitude of copycat projects without real-world value will pop soon, leaving millions of investors with junk NFTs.

We are providing a way for investors from all walks of life to acquire NFTs with real-world utility that will become even more valuable as time passes.

The recommended strategy to make the maximum returns when investing is to acquire a portion of Living lands NFTS, lock it for the long term, and forget about it. You will watch as your returns pile up every year.

At Living Land, one of our top priorities is to return all our investors’ capital as soon as possible, and we plan to do so within 1–4 years, depending on market fluctuations.

In a bid to provide a seamless experience for all our investors, we are building the Living Lands project website. The website will be updated and remodeled as required starting with staking implementation, Wallet integration, Minting Features. coming soon

Key Principles

The Living Lands NFT project operates on four key principles. These principles are all highlighted below:


In Living Lands, our goal is always to be upfront and clear about how we plan on earning rewards every year. All the digital properties sold in Living Lands are tied to real-world real estate properties that are currently receiving monthly revenue in the form of rent.

Rent will continue to be collected and kept in the Living Lands project vault until it is time for distribution. The best part is that we will keep NFT holders and all members of the Living Lands community up to date with quarterly progress reports on all our current ventures.


Another key principle the project is built on is service to others. The project aims to provide a place to live for millions of families in need while creating generational wealth for all our investors.


At Living Lands, we aim to leverage our simple process to change the world. We intend to start now, and we plan to continue forever until the world collapses because of the simplicity of our project.


Our primary objective is to gain the trust of all our investors and keep that trust for decades to come by delivering an unmatched level of consistent profitability. The project’s founder intends to build a platform that will provide stable and consistent passive income every year for the average person.

We collectively hope that Living Lands revolutionizes the entire NFT space on its way to becoming a reliable source of income that many can live off someday.

Target Audience

The Living Lands project targets NFT collectors, investors, and other enthusiasts. It is suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds, and income brackets.

How we intend to generate income and pay rewards:

Real Estate

Living lands will invest in high-income real estate development projects in communities in need of affordable housing by constructing apartment buildings and using the rental income to supply the fund with fresh deposits every month to reward all our loyal holders that stake.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is another channel through which the Living Lands project will generate income and pay rewards to our investors. We intend to purchase 500–1000 units of the Ant Miner S19 Pro+ HYD 198th by May 2022.

The Ant Miner S19 Pro+ HYD 198th is one of the most efficient high-quality miners. The price of one unit is $16000, and each unit will generate at least $8000 after deducting the cost of electricity per unit.

New BTC miner profitability chart (all values given are dependent upon market price of BTC).

We anticipate that our investors’ yearly dividends will continue to increase and conquer new highs. We forecast that while we may start at 25–50% Return on Investment (ROI) per year, the figure will gradually climb to 200–500% per year for all our investors as the crypto market grows.

Our contingency plans for the worst-case scenario

Housing market crash
Suppose the housing market crashes are a result of some unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we will still be able to leverage all our real estate properties (community housing and multi-family living complexes) being the rightful owners in the production phase to generate funds and pay off all our investors.

BTC market crash
If the Bitcoin market crashes, we will immediately convert the Living lands funds from Bitcoin to a stable coin and re-enter the market at a much better price.

We will also re-optimize our mining units to earn the highest possible daily yield amounts. Even without generating income from our Bitcoin mining activities, we will still be able to deliver 20–25% annual yield per year for staking after all our future housing developments are complete.

Blockchain network fail
If, due to unforeseen reasons, the Polygon network that we built the Living Lands project on fails, we will swiftly rewrite all our smart contracts on a new blockchain network and airdrop a new NFT collection to all our previous holders.
We will also provide the opportunity for all our investors to burn the NFT for mint price or continue to stake with us on the new blockchain network.

#3 NFT Economics

In Living Lands, we will automatically Deposit all the monthly income generated from our external assets to the Living Land fund. This strategy will allow the funds to grow with the expansion of the crypto market and the Living Lands project.

Dividends/rewards will be distributed to all staked wallets holding Living Lands NFT assets at the end of every year.

In the same vein, the platform will charge a two percent transaction fee on every completed sale. This fee will be pooled directly back into the reward fund, where it will serve as a bonus for stakers.

For instance, a $300 NFT will earn somewhere between $100 and $150 every year. The best part is that rewards will be paid in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic and USDT so that our investors do not end up with useless tokens.

Furthermore, we designed the platform such that all NFT holders in Living Lands will be able to sell their NFTs for the mint price after at least five years. This process automatically burns the NFT, puts an end to the yearly rewards, or Holders can continue staking on the platform to continue earning.

The community holds supreme power and will decide the project’s future direction. The community will meet after 5 years to draw out the specifics of the burn event(s) that will take place then and the bonuses that will be distributed for all the tokens burned. (if community doesn’t want to implement a burn we won’t)

The Living Lands project does not have any plans to launch any cryptocurrencies. We do not harbor the thought of launching our cryptocurrency because we have seen firsthand how some particular sell prices may be unfair to some of our investors.


First Collection Size: 10,000

Mint Price: 200 matic

First collection will consist of 10 unique base regions 1000 of each region with additional Layers to ensure full collection is unique.

Each NFT will earn same returns (ex. #1 and #9999 will preform the same)

By taking out the rarity aspect to start We will be able to provide fair returns to every Staker, Hopefully this will incentivize all minters to stake to upon drop.

Our NFTs will have Amazing ART and Amazing Utility. + FUTURE Metaverse Utility TBD by team

+ FUTURE Development to let Stakers place other NFTS they might own on this land

+ FUTURE P2E Game TBD by team

For our non NFT investors

Think of this first collection as a Piece of art that sends you a check every year to own it. The Art is the NFT and the check is a yearly Airdrop.

Q2 2022

#5 Roadmap

(All marked * have been completed)

Develop NFT minting/staking website*
Write the Living Lands project whitepaper 1*/2*/3 Assemble a team of advisors and field experts * Develop NFT artworks *
Create social media presence for Living Lands *

o Instagram *

o Twitter*
Create Living Lands Fund Wallet *
Implement staking on the website upon website launch pre-mint Implement First NFT Collection Drop

Q3 2022

Peg first set digital landscapes with our real-world real estate assets in 2–3 months to acquire assets under management and start adding to the Living Lands fund.

Acquire Bitcoin mining units, and set up on our property 1–4 months wait depending on manufacturer shipping date

First NFT Collection to start acquiring rewards.

First deposit from rental incomes (all) to be added to fund

Q4 2022

Implement second NFT drop

Peg second digital landscape with our real-world real estate assets (2–3 months processing)

Buy a second round of BTC mining units, including Kadena and Scrypt miners

Start acquiring additional rewards to the Living Lands fund

Q1 2023

Implement third NFT drop (to be decided by the Living Lands community)

Launch third digital landscape with our real-world real estate assets (2–3 months processing)

Buy a third round of BTC mining units, including more Kadena and Scrypt miners

Q2 2023

Implement 4th NFT Drop (to be decided by the Living Lands community)

New NFTs to be determined by team and community for future rewards

Unlock first-year rewards send airdrop

Q3 2023

Compound reward options

First yearly staked reward airdrop

Q4 2023

TBD on development and Income generated for investors Second collection yearly reward airdrop
Unlocks 2nd Collection airdrop


#6 Team

The Living Lands team is an assembly of experts and thought leaders from several industries. Every team member plays a role in the project and contributes to its eventual success. We will continue to grow the team before and even after we launch.

Below is a breakdown of the Living Lands team:

Jared A

Jared is a Entrepreneur and investor with over 7 years of experience in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space. Coming from a Cryptocurrency Mining and US Legal Real Estate Investing background, he oversees the operations of all team members in the project.

Community team

Mo will be acting as our marketing advisor for this project leading us to different partnerships and possible successful celebrity endorsements with previous experience in the NFT space We are sure he will be a great asset to the team

Joe S

Joe is a Human Resources professional with more than four years of experience in HR at the corporate level. He will help moderate and manage social media profiles and community growth.

Viorel H

Viorel is one of our NFT Project advisors who will be helping strategize the usefulness of Team members/collaborations along with Future giveaway Collection creation and implementation.

-DEV Team-


Christiana is a Web designer and a Web developer with over three years of experience in web design. She is proficient in Word Press, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and MySQL.

Viorel H

Viorel will be leading Dev Team Helping to create smart contracts, Establish collections, Release Minting and Staking DAPP.


Graphics Designer/ Product Design and Development

Javed S

Javed S is a professional Graphic designer with more than six years of experience. From 2016 when he started his journey, he has completed countless successful projects.

Real Estate Team

We will be utilizing the expertise of the Cardone Capital Team in a partnership with some of the real estate Industry’s finest and most knowledgeable individuals when providing bank-less returns for our investors.

Visit for more detailed information about the Cardone Capital Team.



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Hello! We are Living Lands NFT We are a growing team Real Estate/Crypto Team that this striving to provide passive income yearly for everyday NFT Holders.