A Carbon Market with a Difference. LivingOffset, A Carbon Market we Can Understand.

The Problem

The scale of the problem that the world is now facing due to carbon emissions, is almost unimaginable. The amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 800,000 years. The pre-industrial concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 280 parts per million (ppm). As of December 2016 it was 404.93 ppm.

The results of this are already happening, the earth’s average temperature is increasing at a concerning rate. This current pace of global average temperature rise puts approximately 25 to 35 percent of plant and animal species at increased risk of extinction. But because the scale of potential devastation is so large it’s beyond the comprehension of most people.

Moreover, the science behind the problem is currently being debated by intellectuals, scientists, researchers and politicians across the globe. Policies and procedures have been developed for organisations from the top down. But neither of these things do much to help most people understand the causes, the realities or the impacts that they can have themselves.

The solution is LivingOffset. A carbon market, utilising the certified LivingOffset greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects platform that harnesses existing demand for carbon and enables people who want to fight climate change to do so in an accessible, affordable, easy to use way.

What is a Carbon Market?

Simply put, it’s a market place that is created from the trading of carbon emissions to encourage or help countries and companies to limit their carbon dioxide (CO2)emissions.

Originally carbon markets were structured as cap and trade schemes known as Emission Trading Schemes. However, 60% of carbon emissions come from outside the ETS sector and that’s where LivingOffset comes in.

The LivingOffset team has built a unique carbon ecosystem into a platform that can manage and trace the billions of tiny transactions that are required to fuel the bottom-up fight to save the planet.

This is a blockchain technology-driven revolution in climate change, where the real impact of actions are measured and visible to everyone. No political agenda, no cover-up, no distortion of the facts or fake news.

LivingOffset is the embodiment of a new movement for real change and social impact. It empowers the people to work together on one platform, one carbon market to take ownership of the biggest problem facing mankind, global warming.

Why We’re Different

LivingOffset is a community where every member is part of something worthwhile, sharing experiences and encouraging participation, fuelling an enormous network effect that feeds the growth of the LivingOffset community from millions to many, many millions… perhaps, even billions.

LivingOffset working with Orbas Consulting in University College Dublin, analyses and calculates the carbon cost of every action in our daily routines and makes this available for everybody to see for themselves.

The platform and app helps users understand what they can control and what they can’t. And therefore enables them to then reduce their carbon footprint via the app or the online retailer widget.

Everyone is Welcome.

LivingOffset is the ecosystem where participants, consumers, climate evangelists and corporations — in fact all of society’s stakeholders — can come together and work towards a cleaner and better future. The forum where our ordinary every day activity is aggregated into a global force for good.

Corporate Customers:
Corporate organisations can now really deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, create programmes for their staff that can deliver measurable CSR outcomes and fulfil their social obligations. Making a positive statement that can boost morale, productivity and their share price. LivingOffset is the communication bridge between corporates and their customers for CSR and societal purpose activity.

They are given the opportunity to offset not only their own emissions but in turn to match their customers’ offsets with LivingOffset. And, because the LivingOffset platform exists as a consumer app, living and breathing in the hands of customers across the globe, we enable the corporate to engage with and increase their green credentials with their own customers who are now demanding reductions in carbon emissions.

Furthermore, using the unique LivingOffset certification process, which records domestic emission reductions projects and standardises them in line with United Nations standards. Corporate customers are now in a position with LivingOffset to certify their own carbon reductions and sell these via the LivingOffset marketplace.

GHG Reduction Projects:
LivingOffset works with other partners to invest in GHG reduction projects across the globe. For example, RISE who work with farmers in Tanzania replace their kerosene lights with solar home systems (SHS) that LivingOffset fund.

The solution delivers lifestyle analysis, so that everyone can understand the carbon impact of every choice they make, and see how changing their routines, combined with offsetting their carbon, can make a real impact.

To ensure consumer engagement, LivingOffset have built in gamification, rewards and social shareability into the platform. Thus consumers can not only feel empowered to do their bit, but they will actively encouraged to do so, be rewarded for it and get to tell the world about it on social media.

Doing Good is Contagious

Whether you are a prospective participant looking to make a difference, a climate enthusiast who recognises the need for societal collaboration or a combination of both, you’ll find LivingOffset is an intuitive solution born from the founders’ passion for delivering a means of tackling climate change by empowering people so they feel connected to the visible and measurable changes they can make.

As more LivingOffsetters join in, more contributions go towards new projects, emissions are lowered, people feel empowered, climate awareness is improved.

Global behaviour is influenced as people make a positive adjustment to their lifestyles, taking responsibility for offsetting the carbon created by their ordinary day-to-day activities. The LivingOffset platform is uniquely positioned as the one marketplace that both can stimulate and harness that power.