Meet the Newest SuperHero, LivingOffset

Successful brands need to be Superheroes. According to Phil Shaw of Ipsos to be a successful business it’s no longer enough to be normal. Today’s digitally driven world is often described as “the new normal” but to succeed today, brands need to be better than normal. They need to be Superheroes, and to be a successful brand we need be

  • Driven by a clear Purpose
  • A force for good
  • Fast & agile

Those three things define us.

1. Driven by a Clear Purpose

In a world where every brand struggles to achieve differentiation in the market, true brand purpose is the essence that gives successful organisations in every sector including the not-just-for-profit sector just that.

Brand purpose is the reason that any brand exists and at LivingOffset, ours is quite simple:

LivingOffset want to create a world with no excessive carbon emissions.

As many organisations struggle to find brand purpose, we at LivingOffset, have built our company around it because we know there are immeasurable ancillary benefits for us all. Starting with the brand purpose as our baseline, we looked at how we best achieve that.

The LivingOffset solution

LivingOffset is a global marketplace solution, an eco-system that enables corporate customers and everyday people to offset all of their everyday actions that contribute to their carbon footprint.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, the LivingOffset community will to help solve the global issue of temperature increases. This is a movement for change; one that, literally, puts the power in the hands of the people who want to make a difference.

“We are merely converting demand that is already there, by giving the many millions of concerned people around the planet the tools that enable them to make their own decision to offset their personal carbon footprint”

Paul Cryan CIO and CoFounder

2. A Force for Good

One of the paradoxes of business is that the most profitable companies are not those that are most profit-focused. Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, Built to Last study found that over a 60 year period that companies guided by a purpose beyond making money — returned six times more to shareholders than explicitly profit-driven rivals

The LivingOffset Solution

A lifestyle gap waiting to be filled

The problem of climate change is enormous. So much so that it’s simply impossible for most people to get his or her head around the scale of what needs to be done, and what will happen if it doesn’t. Nobody is giving us straight answers. Nobody is showing us a plan that we all understand. Until Now.

Everyone is welcome to LivingOffset

LivingOffset is the ecosystem where participants, consumers, climate evangelists and corporations — in fact all of society’s stakeholders — can come together and work towards a cleaner and better future. The forum where our ordinary every day activity is aggregated into a global force for good.

The Corporate Solution

Corporate organisations can now really deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, create programmes for their staff that can deliver measurable CSR outcomes and fulfil their social obligations. Making a positive statement that can boost morale, productivity and their share price.

Not only that, but because LivingOffset lives and breathes through an easy-to-use mobile app, their positive societal impact will now be broadcast directly to the hands of the customer. A new and unique communications thoroughfare between corporates and their customers.

The Consumer Solution

All consumer research in this space shows that people are crying out for a solution that will enable them to participate. 57% of Americans have said they would pay at least $1 more monthly for climate action, 29% who would pay $20 a month and 20% would pay $50.

The scale of appetite for change and the need for consumer responsibility is huge. All we are waiting on is for someone (LivingOffset) to take the lead. Leaving it to chance hasn’t worked. Neither has trusting it to governments. It’s time for everyone to take responsibility, and now they can with LivingOffset.

3. Fast & Agile

To avoid being left behind, super-brands need to innovate quickly in products and services that tangibly improve our customers’ business and lives. For this reason we have studied their behaviours and developed four engagement options, each one depending on the customer’s own needs.

  1. The LivingOffset corporate interface that allows CSR and Marketing departments manage their own sponsorship and offset matching campaigns
  2. The LivingOffset mobile app that enables consumers to offset their daily actions and purchases.
  3. A white-labelled app, where a corporate partner brands the app under their own marketing identity and LivingOffset provides all underlying support services.
  4. The LivingOffset online widget, a “Carbon-Offset” button on third party retailer e-Commerce checkout pages.

Each of these elements of the LivingOffset platform have been built, and all the offsetting elements will be stored on our blockchain. The immutable digital ledger that allows consumers to trust LivingOffset.

So true to say that LivingOffset has not just one but all three superpowers. Not only do we work with speed and agility, have brand purpose but as the ultimate not-just-for-profit organisation we and our customers have the ability to save the world.