Why Invest in LivingOffset

The LivingOffset team has built a unique ecosystem into a platform that can manage the billions of tiny transactions that are required to fuel the bottom-up fight to save the planet.

This is a blockchain technology-driven revolution in climate change, where the real impact of actions are measured and visible to everyone. No political agenda, no cover-up, no distortion of the facts or fake news.

Blockchain has been identified by the UN as a key element in the fight against climate change. LivingOffset is the embodiment of this, of a new movement for real change and social impact. That empowers the people to take ownership of the biggest problem facing mankind, that of global warming.

LivingOffset Is:

A transparent system, with integrity, free from government tampering and distortion.

A system that can be trusted.

An immutable record of all carbon offset activities stored on the blockchain.

An audit trail, for all carbon offset activities, that complies with ISO 14064 1–2–3 standards.

A record of domestic emission reductions standards in line with United Nations standards.

A simple, easy to use app that allows consumers and businesses alike to offset their every day emissions and reduce the amount of GHGs in the atmosphere.

But not only that, LivingOffset’s ICO allows savvy crypto investors to get involved and not just fight climate change, but make a solid investment while they are at it. They can do this by purchasing LOFF tokens throughout the ICO.

Reasons to Buy LOFF Tokens

1. Annual coupon paid in-perpetuity for LOFF token holders

- Based on sales revenues

- Based on success

2. LOFF tokens are traceable, tradable and give investors liquidity

3. Prudent uptake assumptions (0.2% in Year 1) so excellent growth potential

4. The annual coupon is secured against 5% of sales revenues, so as the business grows, the return/coupon grows, and the value of the LOFF token grows

5. Vastly experienced management team

6. Sustainability fund is going to purchase GHG Reduction projects, which will increase in value

7. LivingOffset are working in partnership with Chainstarter to manage the ICO process, KYC/AML and token issuance

Visit www.livingoffset.io for more information today and register for your chance to make a big change and real rewards.