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There’s one really tough thing about having ADHD. It’s a secret that only another ADHDer understands. No matter how hard you try, you can’t explain to anyone else. It happens throughout the day, every day. I’m talking about bumping into walls all day. No, not literally (that happens, too).

Even though you may be a klutz who drops your keys, trips over your own feet, and spills your drink; the bumping I’m referring to is not physical, it’s mental.

If you’ve got ADHD, you know how it goes. You start a task that needs to get done, and then BAM! Something clicks in your brain, and in a split section, you’re facing a brick wall that you can’t climb over or get around, no matter how hard you try.

Whether you’re staring at a computer screen, textbook, or a piece of paper, you’re stuck and can’t move forward. You know what has to be done, but you’re frozen. Your brain doesn’t register what you see. There’s a blockage (the huge brick wall) between knowing what needs to get done and getting it done.

Some people call it laziness, apathy, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of motivation, or distraction. You can call it whatever you want- the bottom line is- tasks are harder when you have ADHD. Getting through them is a struggle (that’s invisible to others). Tasks take longer to complete. They cause anxiety, self-doubt, avoidance, fear, and more problems.

You can learn how to break through these walls. But first, you have to know when you’re hitting the wall and what happens to you (individually, each person is different) when you become mentally paralyzed.

With a daily routine of self-care and awareness, either on your own or with an ADHD Coach or therapist, you can burst through the blockage and make your life a whole lot easier than it is.

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