Why Finding Your Genius May Be Easier Than You Think

Last weekend I was visiting family in Ithaca, NY. Located in upstate New York, a small town is home to Cornell University, sailing, waterfalls, and one of the best farmer’s market I’ve ever been to.

At one point, my family and I were going through old treasures my 90-year-old grandmother, Mary Salerno, had tucked away for decades in her attic.

We discovered photos, art work, and journals, some as old as from the 1930s.

It was a special moment to share with my family.

I especially came to know my grandmother deeper than ever before.

A particular moment struck me to my core when I stumbled onto this drawing from October 1940.

My grandmother was only 16 years old when she drew this.

I’ve known her as a very Italian, very loving, but very stubborn grandmother who is set in her ways.

Also, I’ve known her as a very talented artist.

However, she’s always discounted her abilities as, “Oh this is nothing. It’s just a hobby.”

As you can see, she is no run of the mill “hobbyist”!

I wanted to share this with you because so many people miss out on what makes them extraordinary.

I love to work hard, build my skills, and accomplish something I previously couldn’t.

But, I have also come to value when something comes so easily I don’t even notice.

Your genius is something you can do without much thought.
Your genius is something you wake up doing because you have to.

Your genius is something you may not even realize you do.
Your genius is something you may pass off as “too easy” to be of value.

Your genius is the part that weaves all of you together.
Your genius is the part that fills each and every breath.

My genius is spotting someone else’s genius.

What’s YOUR genius?

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