A Day in a Life: Imagining A Country Without Racial Gaps [INFOGRAPHIC]

At Living Cities, we are actively working to re-imagine a world without racial wealth and income gaps. We fundamentally believe that to truly change systems, we must envision an America where wealth is abundant and shared, where everyone has the resources and opportunity to realize their dreams, and where race is no longer a predictor of life outcomes.

As a country, we find ourselves in a critical moment both socially and historically. To create an America without racial wealth and income gaps, we must imagine a society based on collaboration and interdependence. This approach demands that we reflect on our own personal accountability and our roles in the world. We are called to stretch, be uncomfortable, center humanity, and ultimately use our individual and collective abilities to build new, inclusive cultural norms.

In this second iteration of our “A Day in a Life” infographic, you will follow Sasha and her family through their day while interacting with “historical truths” that highlight why her story isn’t yet our lived normal. As Sasha encounters various systems and institutions, consider each historical truth and how it has led to our current reality and cultural narratives. To interact with the infographic, scroll over and click on the green play buttons.

When you’re finished, we invite you to share your vision for an America without racial wealth and income gaps on Twitter @Living_Cities using #ClosetheGaps, or via email at racialequity@livingcities.org.

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