3 of the Must have Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry Pieces

Did someone say Jewellery and that to the handmade one, the literal icing on the cake. Jewelry is something nobody wants to miss a chance on. In the past, people used to wear handmade jewelry to show off their wealth but these days handmade jewelry is more of a style statement than a show off symbol. The modern day handmade jewelry not only use costly metals like gold or platinum, but thanks to the latest advancement various metals such as nickel, copper, magnesium and also semi precious stone such as ruby, onyx, pearls and sea shells are being used in the making. The latest craze is seen amongst the makers and buyers of jewelry the demand for Handmade Hawaiian Jewelry. Umm quite interesting it sounds but yes Hawaii should be internationally announced as the ideal destination spot, wedding spot and now also the ultimate Jewelry hub.

Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry Industry has grown significantly over the past decade. From the simple shell earring to complicated neckpieces and bracelets, name it and you will have it. There has been a great craze amongst people relating to Hawaiian clothing and Hawaiian Handmade Jewellery. There is an exclusive range of all sorts of accessories covering each body part. You can literally add up to your attire any piece of Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry you prefer depending on your outfit. We bring to you the most commonly demanded jewellery pieces and their little specifications you need to consider before buying them:

1. Hawaiian Rings

Hawaiian rings have a unique factor in them i.e. they inculcate in the real native taste of Hawaii, These Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry rings come in different shapes and patterns that are adopted from the native Hawaii atmosphere. For e.g. A wave shaped ring depicting the sea waves at the shore of Hawaii, Hawaiian Koa wood depicting the greenery and trees surrounding the island and use of certain stones and shells such as the opal stone, abalone shell. Most of these rings are usually carved in sterling silver for these semi precious materials can only be held into place by sterling silver metal.

2. Hawaiian Bangles and Bracelets

These Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry pieces have a story to tell. The uniqueness and freshness of the Hawaiian island are completely visible in the Hawaiian bangles and bracelets. With the use of Larimar and rhinestone as their basic stones and Koa wood and abalone shell in most of the bracelets and bangles, the Hawaiian Handmade Jewellery is something you can’t miss bringing home. While if you plan to order online from certain vendors, it’s always recommended to measure the bangle size starting below your knuckles and above the tip of your thumb.

3. Hawaiian Earrings

My personal favorite out of any kind of jewelry is the one shining in the ears. For they add decency and grace to your overall personality making you look classier. The Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry consisting of the earring is a must have in your jewelry wardrobe. It is literally amazing to see how they literally carve certain stones into silver and that turns out to be a masterpiece of art and beauty. The typical stones used in the making are Blue Topaz, Blue Opal, Larimar, Rhinestones, Peridot (Hawaiian Diamond) etc. The shapes are unique than you could ever imagine such as the simpler ones being the sea turtles, palm trees, manta rays, mermaids, inland ocean waves, starfish, dolphins, seahorses etc.

Hawaiian Handmade Jewelry is gaining the attention of people worldwide. If you can’t visit Hawaii but still have the urge to possess such amazingly beautiful pieces of jewelry then you can always check their availability online. There is always some discount on new sign ups and free shipping is also available and that too across any part of the world.

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