Breaking Better : New Developer Tools Available Now

Getting starting in app development can involve a lot of experimentation with calls and webhooks, especially when you’re working with a new API.

To help you get started faster, Dev Shahani of our Developer Experience team built the Developer Tools App to allow you to experiment with webhooks, test how script tags work, and trial Polaris components within the EASDK. As well, you can now also generate dummy data for test stores and quickly clear the data when you’re done!

To get started, simply visit this link and enter your test store info:

After installing the app, you’ll be able to access the various playgrounds:

Here’s what you now have to work with:

Admin API Playground

No API key? No worries. In this query builder you can test webhooks and make authentic calls to the Admin API, no coding required.

ScriptTag Playground

In this playground, you can experiment with ScriptTags to add functionality to the Order Status page of Checkouts, without touching any theme templates.

Embedded App SDK

This playground allows you to test various components of the admin experience within the app, including components from Polaris.

Data Manager

Wondering if your app can handle the high volume of API calls that a small, medium, or mature shop would require? With this tool you can generate dummy data to help you in your testing, and generate real data.

Delete all data

When you’re done testing and ready to start something new, the “delete all data” function will save you from having to manually remove individual lines of code.

Already dove into the new Developer Tools? Did they inspire a new app idea? Let us know on Twitter by replying to @ShopifyDevs.