Hillary is way more dangerous than Trump.
Checkov Lebroscky

It’s adorable that you think a woman can’t develop a valid opinion of her own. I supported Hillary as First Lady, with her stance on Health Care Reform. I supported her in the creation of Office on Violence Against Women. I supported her when she hosted the first White House Conference on Philanthropy. I supported her as a senator, especially as someone who visited the troops often in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I supported her in 2008, and as Secretary of State. And I chose her as my presidential candidate as soon as she announced she would run for this election.

Your misogyny is showing, and it isn’t a good look. I’d take your Trump support elsewhere, and try to find a more delicate flower to bully with your faux braggadocio. You’ll get nowhere with me, or any other supporter of this piece and these politics.

And bless your ignorant little heart! I’ll pray for you <3

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