No, I Am Not Taking My Husband’s Name
Ozzy Etomi

I hear you! I’m a second-gen immigrant from a country that doesn’t exactly HAVE surnames (at least the way they’re used/passed down in the US). That means my maiden name was only one generation old anyway (basically made up upon arrival), there aren’t many of us repping the name, and I just wasn’t willing to part with it. My husband and I really wanted to have the same name, and he’s equally attached to the immigrant history behind his surname, so we did the awkward half-solution of both hyphenating. Yes, the paperwork is KILLER. It’s bizarrely expensive (new passport, new driver’s license, all 2x — it adds up), it doesn’t fit in forms, and half the digital sign-in systems at hotels and rental car places don’t even allow hyphens. But all in all, we do love it now — it’s just us.

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