The Business of Human Suffering

Knee deep, wet and cold,

Inside this well with you.

Your walls are damp, uninviting,

You think you’re one of few.

Torment and guilt sink you deeper,

I cautiously sink too.

Hearing the narration, I cry inside,

Feeling the story you drew.

Do I dare let you see my pain?

My pain for your suffering.

Will I descend deeper in your well?

Unable to find the upswing?

It’s dark down here,

But I’m told I have the light.

Do you hear my words,

When I encourage you to fight?

In this business of human suffering,

We stand vulnerably in this well.

Toes touching the deep end,

Chiseling layers of this shell.

I become exposed and raw with you,

You’re no longer alone.

But the voice you hear changes,

Your strength inside has grown.

The black water begins to fade,

Inside this well with you.

Stairs spiral upwards,

We rise until we are through.

Lighter you start to tread,

Frequently looking behind.

But the well is long past,

At peace is your heart and your mind.

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