With the new iPhone 6 now bigger than bigger, the real question is, how will it look in your back pocket? Can the iPhone 6 Plus fit comfortably in your skinny jeans, or will it just make your butt look bigger than bigger?

At Everpurse we are obsessed with technology, fashion, and design. But most of all, we are obsessed with bringing these three together to make the perfect accessory. We know that as cool as the latest tech is, if it doesn’t look good, you won’t feel good using it.

So, armed with our office 3D printers, the Everpurse team decided to print out life-size models and put the new phones (and my skinny jeans!) to the test.

iPhone 5, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

While the iPhone 6 does not appear much larger than the iPhone 5, once I put them both in my back pocket together (on the right), it became clear how much larger the new phone really is. The iPhone 6 Plus (on the left) is just huge — only about 2/3rd of the phone actually fits in my pocket.

iPhone 6+ & iPhone 5 (left) iPhone 6 & iPhone 5 (right)

While I’m all for a bigger screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is just a little too large for me. When it’s time to upgrade, I’ll be getting the iPhone 6. The Everpurse team consensus is, if it fits in our skinny jeans, it works for us!

If you want to see how the new iPhones look next to other accessories, feel free to make suggestions!

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