A reminder to myself..

Next time i catch feelings, can you please punch me in the face instead?

Why are we always getting attached? To things, people,words, memories.. why?! When we know in our hearts that everything is temporary!

Every freaking thingg is going to die! Everyone will fade away, pass away, run away something but they’re all going to leave!! Why do we put ourselves in the position to get hurt?!!

What i can’t seem to wrap around my head is even our senses decieve us! Our eyes what they see are illusions and our own prespectives of things. What we feel, what we hear what we taste everything is relative!! When you can’t even trust your own body, how could you possibly trust someone else!!

And to think that the other person is just as powerless as you are, they don’t have any control on their own lives! I mean anyone of us can die at anytime without a disease or diagnosis, no explainations, no warnings. How do we hand ourselves to other people like that? What if they aren’t there to hold us in the blink of an eye?!

What if??!

Listen to me,stop it. Stop getting attached to people. Please. Stop being so emotional. Fuck these emotions!!! They are decieving you! Its all an illusion, stop getting close to people. Get close to yourself. Stay at home or go out by yourself and think!!

Is it really worth it to get hurt in the end when these people are no longer here?

Nad i mean it whether its ur love life or your friends or family everyone has the potential to leave you!!

And you know what you’ve been through so much crap, are you strong enough to deal with some more hurt?! Don’t put yourself in such a vulnerable position!!

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