Guess What..

My friends dad died. Another death here in this part of the world. Its so difficult man!! So hard. :’(
Why do things end? Its just so unfair!
After I lost my mom I thought it was over for me, because seriously I wasn't close to anyone other than her! And now shes not here anymore. But you know what i see her in my dream.. whenever i want to. I see her, happy. She kisses me and tells me she loves me. And its not so bad anymore.

Me and shakib are the sort of people who have really deep conversations about things, he like a little brother so I like sharing thoughts with him. I have a feeling the feeling is mutual.
Shakib asks me last week where I see myself in 10 years time and i told him. And than I asked him the same question and he told me. But thats besides the point. The point is that he said his dad won’t be there, he said he will die soon. I was shocked! Duh! I was like oh shut up you dumbass. But he explained it all to me how his dad has heart issues and all.

Point is my dad has heart issues too and to me he seems like a totally healthy person and so did shakib’s dad. He was a Math professor at school and he had a proper routine.. he seemed fine! I didn't believe it when he said his dad is sick.

I didn't believe mama was as sick as they said she was.. and even now i am in disbelief that shes gone. I'm just reflecting upon myself, my brain is probably wired in some awkward way that i seem to overlook another person’s misery! Maybe thats why people think i don't care and maybe thats why they might be right. I'm so positive I don't see the negativity in life and thats when I overlook important details.

My point is, it ends, no matter how it ends but it does end and that life. Nobody’s gonna stay in this world forever, even if you surround yourself with protective walls and take care of you health and diet and everything.. when death comes for you, it takes you no matter what.
Think about it.*