I ditched Adultery and started another book. When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman.

I mean adultery is a frequently recommended book to me, everybody has read it. But i started it and it was so monotonous. Far too similar to the 40 rules of love. I mean im sure the plot is entirely diffrent but it starts out the same way an unhappy married woman.

And frankly im not in the sort of mood to read of the miseries of married life and all that.
So i picked this one about two children, siblings. A little girl and her older brother and a rabbit named God.

Im on page 28 right now so yeah, i’ll let you know how i like it when im done.

So, the meetup with Aisha and Baji was a success. They are the coolest kids ever, i love talking to them. Its the easiest thing to do. We had breakfast and fell asleep. Then i woke up and left.

I have been having an effed up sleep cycle, its like i dont sleep all night take a nap in the afternoon and thats it. Im done. Its bad for me, i know i’ll get bags under my eyes but i just cant seem to get to sleep. Im so disturbed. Its 4:59 AM right now and i still haven't gotten to sleep so yeah.

Having wierd dreams and even wierder sleep. something is up. idk

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