lizzie’s take on life.(part1)

This might or might not be a part of a series of posts.

Im just thinking out loud here folks, i’m the ‘what-if’ sort of person. You know the type that always has a question about practically (or impractically) anything at all. So Im just gonna carry this through then.

What if weird people aren’t the weird ones? What if the normal people are not normal and its all the other way around? I mean, im just saying but what if the perception we have about people is all wrong?

But then again who decides what’s right and wrong? Who decides what’s normal?

Could it be some supreme power sitting on some supreme throne classifying the world and all its people into neat categories of sane and insane. Even if there is such a supremacy who could it be? and where does it reside? and above all who decides whether the classifications of this supremacy are correct or not.

I was on the phone with a friend this morning and there was this big fat drama being created on whether a certain person was cool or not. It was something like that, i don’t remember but whatever it got me thinking..

can one person really be one person? can it not be that the odd one out in some circles might be a totally random, typically average guy in another circle.

Take it this way, I am a weirdo to some. Talking to me puts people to sleep for gods sake! I babble a lot, my mind is frantically trying to get my thoughts straight and organized. To me, people who talk less are creepy, i feel insecure around them whereas people who talk too much are just plain annoying to me.

But then again in my own little circle, I am very much average, my thoughts and questions are standard procedure going through every person’s head.

Similarly deviance, where does it come from? Does society introduce it as something out of the ordinary or does it introduce itself?

But then again we often come across people who are extraordinary, make world records and earn medals. Arent they breaking the norms of society? then how come they aren’t deviants? or are they? Maybe their weirdness is so beyond our comprehension that all we see is an exceptional individuals.

Is this categorization caused by the gap between the cultures and traditions and norms and values? or is it what history and time has moulded for the world? Or is it us, the new generation who are making such a big deal about this and creating deviants among us when honestly there is no need for such fuss!


And then are we supposed to bridge that gap or stay like this within the safety and security of our norms? A somewhat secular world, i suppose? but then again could we really hope for a Utopia within all this?


and then who decides what a Utopia really is?