The Eleutheromaniac in me must interject.

What is freedom? Before you could understand the concept of freedom, you must understand the exact opposite. What is captivity? To be trapped by be caged in society? To be held captive or to be isolated,left alone? To be tied up and chained against your will? The imprisonment you face when a country invades your lands, takes away your pride, moulds you to their own culture and takes away everything that was yours? But what about when your own society holds you against your will to shape you, as if fitting a circle into a square? Takes away your free-will,takes away your right to think what you want let alone give words to the thoughts in your head! When your own mind holds you captive,not letting your thoughts go further than the thoughts you have been put in and then your just confined. To break away from these barriers!Thats freedom. Its the morning of the 14th of August while i write this…Pakistan’s Independence day. We got independence in 1947 from the British rule over the subcontinent. Millions of people were exchanged from India to Pakistan and vice versa. So many were killed; shot by both parties. When people packed away their whole lives on both sides of the border, left behind their homes, risked death and no guarantee of a better life ahead only freedom was part of the bargain. They took that step for the sake of freedom. But then again there is the same essence in the apparently small but in the long run the biggest cage that is the society. When invaders came atleast they were public about their takeover on us but the society we live in is a sneaky bitch It restricts us to the thoughts and dialogues of itself. Freedom of speech is far fetched my friend, there is no freedom of thought. How will people with a bent sight to view things fit into this box? what girls ought to say is what girls ought to think as well as believe it to be the ultimate truth but why? why should she not think what she wants? the argument i will face is how they say it is the only way she will be accepted to society,if she is a canary whose only song is the one she has been taught. But really? who gives a frog’s fart about acceptance! Im speaking of independence here. Allah created us all to look different from one another, even twins have differences in features,then he certainly created our minds differently as well. Why not? When everyone has a different perspective, we will be able to cover more ground on any issue. There will be more thoughts,more voices raised,new ideas;Visionaries will be born. And if your one who is concerned about the clatter causing disturbance in your peaceful lives then join us so we could progress,we’ll make some noise together! Be free. Think freely and word your opinions so that others can find out what you think too. You might not know it but you are important to society. Trust me, if your different let it show,if nothing else show your independence today! You are Pakistan! and people want to know what Pakistani’s are like. I mean if every Pakistani girl will be exactly like one another then there is nothing interesting about anyone. And i know for a fact that everyone in this country is special,so let your minds be free! Done confine yourself just because everybody else is doing it! Our country is going through the age of Transition,that means change,development. With thousands of people marching from all over Pakistan towards the capital this evening in the Azadi march led by Imran Khan, don’t you see how many people are still willing to break barriers and show the world what they believe in? They will break one of the social barriers that are putting us into turmoil and one day so will we, and i for one cant wait to witness it! :D Peace.

Originally published at on July 12, 2015.

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