Morning Cup of Joe

The morning cup of joe can make or break a day. The most basic decision and possibly most important is to decide how to make your coffee. The coffee beans have their own characteristics and must be taken into account when you choose to make your first cup of the day. But that is a discussion for another time. Instead today’s priority is the question how does one make the coffee beans turn into the liquid gold many of us use to start our day?

When I walk into my kitchen I know I have a multitude of ways that I can utilize my coffee beans in order to get the perfect cup of morning coffee. There are two french presses — every girl should have two different sizes, you just never know what size you’ll need! Then there’s espresso pot for the stovetop I bought in Italy, yes it also has a matching foamer for the stovetop as well. The classic American coffeepot that helps warm the kitchen with the smell of fresh coffee some mornings resides on my counter. I know, I know I’m missing a few ways to make coffee but let’s be honest, my kitchen is only so big.

In order to take the magic out of the coffee bean one must choose how to pull the flavor, taste and caffeine from them. Decisions like this should not be taken lightly — many people believe that things must be done a certain way. Take those who will only grind their coffee beans fresh in the morning, there are others who buy beans already ground.

It really is up to you, we all have our own preferences but one must also consider that the grinding of the bean impacts the way you make your coffee. If you’re looking to make espresso then one must use a different grind then if one is using the french press.

Once the decision is made on how to present your coffee, then the rest of the day will fall into place. So, how do you like your cup of coffee?