Do you hear it? The gasp of a dying era

How this election cycle reflects a cleanse of our collective psyche

It’s our purpose to evolve — as a species and as a society. This evolution rarely takes a linear form, rather it swings like a pendulum until it finds its next momentary resting point.

I believe our collective consciousness is currently going through a cleanse.

Our shared, embodied knowing — that energy you tap into when you watch the news, read an article, scan Twitter — it’s purging what no longer serves it by bringing what we don’t want to see to the surface.

Stuff like overt racism and sexism, political distrust, institutional corruption. We’re watching it make its face known and dealing with the anger, fear and nastiness that follows.

Think about it: during a cleanse the body brings built-up toxins to the surface in order to flush them out. Symptoms often get worse before they get better. You can say, we’re in the “bringing it to the surface” phase of things.

I believe this cleanse can be also seen as a growing pain; a natural progression towards a new era of thinking. One that moves towards a collective mindset that resonates with a higher level of consciousness.

This new mindset is one that’s key for working in a global society.

A society that requires an ever-increasing awareness of our relationship with each other and Mother Earth. A society with emotional intelligence, an ethical backbone and economic growth in sync with the rhythms of our planet.

My friends, do not waste time worrying over Trump. Instead I invite you to focus on healing the ghosts of past traumas that arise from his words.

My friends, do not waste time worrying over Clinton. As her era of political power has its natural end, as well.

Let’s instead be respectful and present with each other as we work through the experiences of these cultural threads we’re purging.

Because we must remember, the world as we know it was built on the stance that Trump and this age of corruption represents.

A stance and approach to power that’s been perpetuated for over 600 years since the onset of European colonization.

It is an us-versus-them mentality that says “my power lies in your defeat.” It is a paternalism that denies consent and dignity.

This no longer serves us.

Every parent’s dream is for their kids to do better than them. My generation faces the unique circumstance that we will not make more money than our folks.

Instead we get to offer the world a new way of “doing better.” A way that is based in socio-emotional intelligence. It calls for diplomacy, science, power sharing and equal participation across the board. It’s a way forward based in love and fairness.

Baby Boomers, hold your breath before discounting the Millennials. We’re here to help this world evolve.

Many images used in this post were sourced from Thank you, Mystic Mamma.
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