Narrative Essay#3 Giving Birth To Noah

All that was going through my mind was some beastly, monster looking guy was going to come in and sit on me. That wasn’t the case. Instead it was a beastly, monster looking woman!! The doctor told my husband to hold my head back while they helped push Noah out. Well let me tell you how excited my husband was to have heard that. Instead of holding my head down gently, he threw it backwards. It didn’t hurt, but I explained to him in my nicest labor voice, “be prepared when all of these team of doctors and nurses leave.” I think he got the hint.

They told me to push, I pushed, the nurse pressed on my belly, and out came baby Noah Christopher Smith. A whopping 8LBS 2OZ. My little fatty. He had a head of hair like you wouldn’t believe. He had man boobs already. But they were the cutest man boobs ever! I never thought I could love my kids anymore then I already did, but that day I loved them more then I did the day before. As for the husband, yeah well he is still alive.