Hormone replacement therapy –Is it a boon or a bane for women?

It is true that the 30 million women in America who are about to turn 50 or have just crossed it, the million dollar question that you would be facing throughout the next decade would be whether or not to opt for hormone replacement therapy. Well, if you’re looking for some definite answer to this question, you won’t be getting any definite answer. For many years, the hormone estrogen was considered as a fountain of youth that keeps a woman sexy and healthy even after menopause.

Soon after, it was in 2002 that through the Women’s Health Initiative, it was found out that HRT could increase the chances of developing heart diseases, breast cancer and stroke. Millions of women, after getting to know this, put back their medicines to their shelves! Then after properly examining in details, there was a research regarding the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy which then was deemed as a safe alternative.

Hormones aren’t a panacea of mass destruction

An obstetrician, Maude Guerin says that every patient is like a Rubik’s cube and hence it is vital for you to find the perfect solution for her. One of the 1500 practitioners in a meeting of NAMS or North American Menopause Society studied that hormones aren’t an ultimate weapon for mass destruction. Nowadays, there are even more treatment options with various kinds of hormonal formulas and combinations in the form of gels, patches, rings, sprays, creams and other supplements and the doctors are allowed to prescribe them in fine dosages.

Recent analysis speaks in favor of hormone replacement therapy

Although the WHI showed the negative side of HRT, yet the recent analysis showed the majority of the adverse impacts found in women were found during the 60s and 70s. Women aged between 50 and 59 who took such hormones showed very less chances of heart disease and were even less likely to die for any other reason apart from placebo.

Have a look at some medical conditions and how HRT helps relieve patients from them.

Medical condition: Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorder

HRT Pros: For such conditions HRT is considered as the best treatment, mainly among women who are going through their perimenopause and postmenopausal period. There are antidepressants which can help you with mood changes, problems with sleep and also reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

Medical Condition: Osteoporosis

HRT Pros: HRT is highly effective in reducing the risk of developing this bone thinning disease, osteoporosis. In fact, this solution might be good enough for women who don’t prefer taking medicines but opt for other solutions. Biphosphonates reduce the breakdown of bone. Apart from them, calcium and supplements of Vitamin D also help in keeping your bones in the right manner.

Therefore, if you seem to be intrigued by the pros of HRT, you can even take a look at HT Medical Center where you can seek help of the best professionals who can help you with the best possible treatment.

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