A Comprehensive Guide to LizaX New Staking Platform

4 min readJan 11, 2024


LizaX.io stands at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution, offering a unique staking platform that caters to forward-thinking investors.
Our platform is more than just a passive income generator, it’s a gateway to the vibrant world of decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing users to capitalize on the growth and success of top influencers.
This guide will walk you through the impressive rewards available and show you how to optimize your staking strategy on staking $liza

Embarking on Your Staking Journey on Staking $Liza

  1. Platform Access First, navigate to staking. lizax.io

2. Wallet Connection Ensure your cryptocurrency wallet is connected to interact with the platform.

Understanding the Staking Pools

LizaX offers a dynamic staking platform with four different pools, each tailored to suit various staking preferences for $LIZA token holders.
The unique structure of each pool determines the specific rewards.
For example, choosing a 90-day staking pool might yield a certain percentage of APR in $LIZA rewards, coupled with a proportionate share of Ethereum (ETH) revenue.
This customizable approach allows users to strategically select a pool that aligns with their investment goals and desired reward structure, making the staking experience both flexible and rewarding
Here’s what you need to know:

14 Days Pool

  • ETH Rewards Share: 2%
  • APR: 7%
  • Stake Details: Dependent on individual stakes.

30 Days Pool

  • ETH Rewards Share: 8%
  • APR: 15%
  • Stake Details: Dependent on individual stakes.

60 Days Pool

  • ETH Rewards Share: 20%
  • APR: 40%
  • Stake Details: Dependent on individual stakes.

90 Days Pool

  • ETH Rewards Share: 70%
  • APR: 60%
  • Stake Details: Dependent on individual stakes.

Monitoring Stakes and Rewards

After initiating your stake, you can keep track of your rewards and other specifics

  • APR
  • Lockup Duration
  • Staked Amount
  • Unclaimed ETH
  • Earned $LIZA
  • Remaining Lock Time

Stake Management Various options are available for managing your stakes:

  1. Compound ETH & Relock
  2. Claim ETH & Relock
  3. Claim $LIZA Rewards
  4. Unstake

Compound ETH & Relock

Use the Ethereum (ETH) rewards earned to buy additional $LIZA tokens on the market. After purchasing these tokens, re-stake them, which will restart the timer for the staking duration

Claim ETH & Relock

Withdraw the earned Ethereum (ETH) rewards into your wallet. At the same time, re-secure your staked $LIza tokens, which will reset the timer for the staking period

Claim $LIZA Rewards

Withdraw the accumulated $Liza tokens that have been earned as rewards. If preferred, these tokens can be reinvested by staking them again to increase potential earnings.


Upon unstaking at the end of the lockup period, you will receive both Liza and Ethereum (ETH) rewards directly to your wallet


Discover the ultimate staking adventure at rewards LizaX.io, tailor-made for $LIZA token aficionados! Engage in this platform and unlock a world of passive income while bolstering the robust lizaX ecosystem.
With its user-friendly interface and diverse staking options, it stands out as a top choice for enthusiasts seeking both excitement and reward.
Join the movement and be part of something extraordinary!

As always, we recommend thorough research and consulting with financial experts before making investment decisions. Happy staking on LizaX.io




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